Network marketing has undergone a transformation over the past decade from an opportunity where people can earn a part time income into a professional industry where individuals are given an opportunity to change their own lives as well as others. What exactly is MLM? (Multi-Level Marketing) It is as simple as telling a friend or family member about a great product you’ve discovered. In doing so, the company compensates you for the sale of this product. In addition, if the person to whom you referred chooses to sell the product to others, the person will receive a commission – and so do you. Everybody in the distribution network will earn something.


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The economic and corporate environment has undergone a massive change throughout the past decade. Corporate businesses are no longer as safe and secure as they may have been previously. When you enter into a business you are being bought at “wholesale” and sold as “retail” The moment they cannot pay you, you are out of a job. We have seen this time and time again where businesses are retrenching workers they can no longer afford and, as a result, our unemployment rate has sky rocketed.


When you decide to work for someone, you must get good at performing and achieving.At the same time you must become good at dealing with politics. The minute you start excelling and bringing incredible value to the business, you become a threat to the workers around you. People try and pull you down because of their natural jealous streak. What is even worse is regardless of how well you perform you are only going to earn as much as they can pay you. No longer is excellence rewarded but rather expected.


Network Marketing is an industry where your payment is based on your performance. The harder you work the more money you get to make. In fact, your company wants to pay you more. Unlike corporate, your company and team celebrate your victories and hard work.  People are excited about your achievements and are encouraged to work even harder because of it. Your security in this profession is within yourself, you are no longer working toward a clock where your time is about to run out when you are either too old, not good enough or there is not enough money to pay you anymore.


Network Marketing, apart from many traditional businesses, is an industry based on building relationships with people, it is an industry where you can change people’s lives and help them achieve their dreams. In doing so, not only are they rewarded but, your soul is satisfied with the value you are adding to someone’s lives.


Network marketing enables you to grow into the person you were always meant to be and live the life you were always meant to live.Your own achievements benefit YOURSELF as well as others.

No one on the planet was born to be enslaved by anyone or anything, yet it happens all the time. Very few people get to lay on their death bed and marvel in awe at the life they’ve lived, but I personally believe that it is every person’s right to be able to.


Network marketing will help you grow your income on a month to month basis,unlike the corporate structures where your effort normally results in a higher workload ,more profit for the company and no benefit to you.

Network marketing helps you to be in charge of your own destiny, not subject to the moods and whims of others.