When I first joined this profession, I heard the term ‘3 Way Call ’ many times during training sessions. I had witnessed Jacques Sassin, (my sponsor, mentor and number one closer in our company) making use of the tool and he understood the whole process, but I had no clue as to how to actually go about starting a similar call on my own phone. Having said that, I quickly opened up Google, did my research and realised just how easy it is. For the not so ‘tech savvy’, the exact line you put into the Google search line is “How to perform a 3 Way Call on my (device e.g. iPhone)”.


Jacques, being a very successful and knowledgeable leader in the business, often receives requests from his team members to be in on a ‘3 Way Call ’; moreover it was only when I started working in his offices that I realised how powerful and underutilised a 3 way call is. 90% of the people Jacques spoke to all of a sudden were ready to on board and embrace our vision.


What is a ‘3 Way Call ’?


What exactly is a ‘3 Way Call ’? A ‘ 3 Way Call ’ is when you bring a third party to your call. Our daily method of operation teaches you to introduce your experienced business partner to your friend/prospect on the call.



Why use a ‘3 Way Call ? ‘


Simply put, it helps you build a bigger, faster team owing to the power of leverage. Thanks to the ‘3 Way Call ’, you and your prospect can quickly speak to someone who is already achieving success in the business, knows how to answer the questions, handle objections and has the ability to close the prospect. ‘3 Way Calls ’ gives the closer authority as you have edified them properly and created trust,  hereby providing third party validation and allowing for questions to be answered and objections to be raised. Most importantly, it gives your business partner the opportunity to close the prospect – not you!



Why is a ‘3 Way Call’ important?

In summary, the ‘3 Way Call’ is a vital process to master for the following reasons:

  1.  A ‘3 Way Call ’ is the best way to introduce your prospect to a business partner that is more experienced and has achieved great success in the business. This gives your prospect a better understanding of what they are able to achieve, should they decide to get started.

  2. You are instilling confidence in your prospect. Not only are they getting their questions answered, but you are exposing them to the training infrastructure that is so vital to network marketing. This will boost their confidence when joining your teams culture with a sense of belonging. They are immediately exposed to the support structures that has been put in place to assist team members.

  3. Edification! It is important that once you have brought your business partner on the line to edify them comprehensively! The reason for this is simple – it leaves the prospects wanting to hear more from the highly successful leader you have introduced them to. During this ‘3 Way Call ’, the leader can also edify the team member. This promotes credibility and, yet again, confidence within the business. Once you have edified your business partner it is important that you MUTE YOURSELF (Shut Up! haha), LISTEN AND LEARN!

  4. 3 Way Calls’ are a practical way for leaders to demonstrate in action to their team members how to close prospects. It goes without saying that the more ‘3 way calls’ you engage in, the more you will learn the secrets of the Holy Grail and product knowledge.

  5. The prospect naturally and psychologically realises that they too can also do what you just did. You were not the professional, you were not the magic, you leveraged off someone else’s expertise and that is DUPLICATABLE. The seed of “they can do this too” is planted.


When to use a “3 way Call 


Before contacting your closer for a ‘3 way call’ it is important that your prospect has already been exposed and pre-qualified. This is done by being the librarian (yes guys time to put on our skirt and glasses. Haha!) and getting them to watch a short introductory marketing video along with guiding them through the library of videos. Once you have scheduled a follow up call it would be a good idea to notify the closer so that they are on standby for the call. Make sure you have more than one closer you can call upon and match your prospects personality with the closer you feel will best resonate with your prospect.


For those of you on our online training program, you will find 3 training videos teaching “3-Way Master Code” as well as a 2 minute video on how to conduct a “3 way call“.


The businesses that embrace technology through social media and smart phones, ensure their future. The ‘3 Way Call’ is one example of how we can used technology to attract and close prospects, while at the same time learning from experienced leaders in the business. Challenge yourself today – Google the settings for your phone and attempt your first ‘3 Way Call ’.


“Remember in network marketing it does not matter what works, it only matters what is DUPLICATES.”