It’s been an eventful 2017 for South Africa.  First, we saw the president reshuffle his cabinet on the 30th March, then finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas got sacked. The reshuffle was followed by the economy being downgraded to ‘junk status’ for the next six years.  We have been watching the shocking revelations of the Gupta’s involvement in our corrupt government along with facing a recession. 


As South African’s we have been helplessly watching our economy decline.  Fuel and food prices have increased, which has put further pressure on our household finances.



Investors, fearing that South Africa’s economic growth rate would slow, sold out of the JSE as well as government bonds. This resulting fall in the value of shares and bonds will affect how much our pension funds are worth, which are primarily invested in equities and bonds.


It’s time for people to seriously start looking at the alternatives to the ever depreciating rand.  Bitcoin is a deflating currency which means it keeps appreciating as opposed to Fiat currencies suffering from inflation and hence depreciation.  Lifestyle Galaxy educates people on how they can make an informed decision on whether they would like to hedge some of their risk portfolio from Fiat currency to cryptocurrency.  Not only do you secure some of your wealth but it also multiplies and grows.



Bitcoin was first launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is an alias for a programmer or group of programmers.  Bitcoin is defined as a digital, decentralized, partially anonymous currency, not backed by any government or other legal entity, and not redeemable for gold or other commodity. 


While Bitcoin has become increasingly popular in South Africa, it has also turned out to be the hottest investment commodity of all time.  Over the last couple of months, we have seen a phenomenal growth in the Bitcoin price.


Being an entrepreneur has taught me insight and the ability to pick up on innovative and disruptive technology.  I have done my own personal due diligence and therefore feel extremely confident in this venture.  I help people through Lifestyle Galaxy to secure and multiply some of their hard-earned Rand. Our main objective is to help grow the mining community which means members will be able to continually make up to 5% reward on average per month.  You could make annuity income and run a home-based business just as I do. 



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  • Lifestyle Galaxy Monthly Training – DBN

         Date:   19 August 2017


  • Bitcoin Business Presentation – JHB

         Guest Speaker – Jacques Sassin

         Date:   30 August 2017


  • Bitcoin Weekly Business Presentations – Hillcrest

         Date:   Every Thursday evening



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