It was Dr Barbara Johnson who gave me the book ‘Man’s

Search for Meaning’ by Dr Viktor Frankl, a year and a half ago.  Having been voted as one of the most influential books of our times and translated into 24 languages, I was surprised that I had never heard of it. (Of course, once I had finished it, I saw references to it everywhere!)

 I was keen to get started, particularly as I was teaching my class about Anne Frank. Dr Frankl’s book was about his own horrific experiences in concentration camps and the wisdom he gleaned from his ordeal – amazingly so. 

There are many lessons to be learnt here, but one that will stay with me forever is:

‘He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how’

In a nutshell, the author survived by imagining his lovely wife so vividly, cheering up others, finding the spirit of life in nature whilst digging, imagining himself in front of a lecture hall and telling people what must never happen again.  In contrast, he realized that the men who had decided that life held nothing more for them, quickly gave up the will to live. 

Here’s the take out:  We are not here to judge life according to what we expected from it and what it has delivered.  Rather we must find the courage to ask what life expects of us, day by day.  Our task is not merely to survive, but to find purpose (which can sometimes only be revealed in the worst suffering.)

My purpose changed this year, and it has taken me a while to adapt.  Leaving a vibrant school where I thrived on making a difference and felt very much loved and appreciated to becoming a stay-at-home mom, was not easy.  Obviously it has its massive perks – but it is kind of expected and taken for granted, like the air that my children breathe.  I am sure the rewards will be evident in time to come! 




I know that Lifestyle Galaxy is big on our ‘WHY’.  That ‘why’ is often our family, our future etc.  Logan Vadival mentioned on stage in Langkawi that even though he was successful in achieving the above, he still felt empty and that he had so much to give.  Most of us were brought to tears by the charity video of his service in an orphanage.  His presentation, along with Lothar Rapior’s heart-felt contribution, propelled me into action. 

After looking into a couple of options, I am pleased to say  that I, with true support of my husband Jacques Sassin will be heading up the KZN charity portfolio. Completely self-appointed, excuse me! I know that many of you are keen to get involved in some sort of charity and make a difference in our local community- you just need someone to say when, where, what and how. I am your person! I have decided to partner with Cindy Norcott and the Robinhood Foundation. As she mentioned on East Coast Radio this morning: She doesn’t steal from the rich, but rather asks nicely! And that ‘rich’ doesn’t need to mean that you have plenty of money. My main service will be volunteering and asking for you to join me for a few hours a month.







Passionate about bettering the lives and futures of those in need, the Robin Hood Foundation is committed to mobilising resources from businesses and individuals and putting them directly into the hands of the poor grannies, needy mums and children in our surrounding impoverished and AIDS-affected communities



Our first project is helping at the Mahala Market at Jabulani and clothing 100 Gogos.  (Gogo means granny in Zulu – for our non-South Africans.)  I need 10 volunteers on Tuesday the 4th September.  Who is keen to help on that morning?  I don’t have the logistics yet but I will reply to you individually once I have the details.  If you would prefer to donate your old clothes, linen or tinned food – feel free to hand it over to me and I will ensure that it goes to the right place. 

Let’s see what we at Lifestyle Galaxy KZN can do to make our community a better place.  So looking forward to our first charity project and I hope you will join me as we take our purpose to the next level, together! Who is in?


Want to learn more visit the Robin Hood Foundation Here