Unleashed Entrepreneurs

Upcoming Events

When:   19 October 2019

Where: Gallagher Estate Convention Centre
Richards Drive 19
South Africa

Time:      7:00am to 20:00pm.

Cost:     only R397 per person!

You are enthusiastically invited to join us at a VIP International finance-focussed event, where you will be introduced to a life-changing investment opportunity founded by a world-renowned financial consultant and commodities specialist and philanthropist & hosted by Markus Bratschko.

This one-day event will be a springboard that will catapult you into the world of commodity trading, where you will discover how you can save money through investing in gold to hedge against inflation and the devaluation of global currencies.

Despite what you may have heard, gold can be purchased in smaller quantities, thanks to the visionary innovations that have been implemented in recent years. Over 600 000 affiliates have already unlocked the affordability and accessibility that our system has introduced to the international market. Since launching in 2011, we have reached 140 countries around the globe and continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

There’s never been a better time to explore your saving opportunities than now. With the expert guidance from Markus Bratschko the team that Forbes recently dubbed the “Blockchain Company to watch in 2019.”

Space is limited, so be sure to get in touch NOW to book your spot in the gold rush of the 21st century!

Watch This! >>> https://vimeo.com/user97227600/download/337479967/273863d63d