Unleashed Entrepreneurs

Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker on Cryptocurrencies Passive Wealth Opportunities

From humble beginnings Jacques Sassin was always pushed to succeed. Jacques developed his drive and entrepreneurial spirit early by working 4 days a week at the local restaurant. This was the beginning of his 15 year career in the restaurant business. Once he left school he carried on working at the restaurant and studied part time through Unisa, Psychology, Math and English.

He excelled in the restaurant industry and became junior manager but quickly got promoted to Senior Management and then Shop Operator.  Jacques continued to work and provide training for the Franchise and after 15 years of dedication to the catering industry, owned two Saddle Steak Ranches.

He sold these businesses and relocated, taking a leap of faith he decided to change careers completely and go into agricultural trading industry, as a commodities broker. He spent the next decade pursuing several business ventures – some of which he strengthened to market leader status by using his managerial and directorship skills. Jacques clearly showed and developed his natural talent for converting Sales into profit. He used his sharp entrepreneurial skills to acquire various assets and develop several businesses in this period. He excelled and together with his knowledge of business management grew these businesses exponentially.

His current business ventures include Property management in Trust structures, Paper manufacturing, Efficient Water Solutions (heat pumps and hot water PP-R reticulation). His favorite by far and his biggest efforts are immersed in the marketing of Jacques Sassin, which has amazing product lines such as the mining of cryptocurrencies and the purchasing of  gold in affordable increments,

In his private life Jacques is a devoted family man, along with his wife they enjoy spending time with their kids, watching movies, reading, going for walks, swimming and cycling. They enjoy the outdoors and go by the philosophy that ‘Life is what you make of it” whereby they collect and enjoy as many memories and adventures as possible.