Everyone has self-defeating thoughts and beliefs. As an entrepreneur, Jacques realises that this can be difficult to ignore these beliefs. However, changing your mindset is the best way to ensure that you are successful as a business owner and that your company thrives throughout the year.

7 Myths That Hold You Back from Success

Although you might still be plagued by the occasional negative thought, this blog will reveal some of the most common self-defeating beliefs and why you need to leave them behind you in 2019.

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Myth #1. Your Business Needs to be Perfect

It is not unusual for business owners to seek perfection in their company, with many entrepreneurs becoming frustrated when they are unable to provide the highest quality products, customer service, and experience possible. However, the need for perfection is one of the most self-defeating habits to break. Whether you are hosting an event or choosing your new product line, nothing is perfect, and you will be more successful as an entrepreneur if you are ready for complaints and issues so that you will be able to solve them more quickly.

Myth #2. You Need to Work Solo

Another misconception that entrepreneurs have is that they need to work alone, and this can leave them unable to delegate or hire employees that could, in fact, add to the success of your business. Rather than believe that you need to work solo, you should see hiring employees as an opportunity to allow your business to flourish with an influx of new skills and ideas. They can also help you to complete time-consuming tasks, freeing you up to focus on the parts of the business that need your input.

Myth #3. You Should be Stressed

Many entrepreneurs believe that stress is good and that this is an indication of how hard they are working. However, although entrepreneurs need to work hard to maintain their business, stress can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Instead, you should always make sure you take regular time off, even if this is simply leaving your emails unchecked for the evening.

Myth #4. You Aren’t Good Enough at Business

A prominent thought for many business owners is the idea that they are not good enough at the business to make their company successful. However, there is a reason why you decided to set up a business, and whether this is through experience or passion for your niche, this should be enough to drive the success of your business. If you are extremely concerned, you should hone your skills by attending training courses and industry events to help you put these thoughts behind you.

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Myth #5. You Can’t Make Mistakes

Mistakes help you to learn, and so they can actually improve your business rather than act as detriments to its success. Rather than believing you have failed when you make a mistake, you should create a goal or action plan to remedy this in the future.

Myth #6. You Aren’t as Successful as Others

Comparison is the bane of an entrepreneur’s life and believing that you are less successful than your competition can leave you feeling dejected. Rather than focus on other businesses, you should try to hone in on your own businesses’ growth, which will, in turn, make it more successful.

Myth #7. You Won’t Be Able to Make a Profit

Every business is at a different stage of growth, and there are times when all businesses struggle to survive. However, this does not mean that your business will never thrive, and instead, you should try to analyze and highlight the areas of your business that you should improve, such as your marketing campaigns.

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